Camping usually involves sleeping or staying in a camp, which can be just about anywhere.

temporary structure built

Portrait of smiling family of four relaxing in tent on a camping holiday.

How to built temporary structure


A camp is a temporary structure built for the purpose of habitation through sheltering, or camping. It is used as a form of outdoor recreation or as a residence for people who have no other place of their own. They can be fixed structures (such as permanent cabins) or movable structures (such as tents), which are transported to different locations.

The word "camp" derives from the Middle English word campe, meaning "to dwell".

temporary home

A tent is an essential piece of camping equipment and traditionally housed the only occupants of a campsite. However, it can also be used for other reasons such as a portable structure, temporary home, or playhouse. A sleeping bag is a type of quilt or blanket.

tents available

There are many types of tents available and most are made out of different kinds of fabrics with different capacities to withstand wind, rain or snow. The most common tent materials used are polyester or nylon while closed-cell foam has become increasingly popular due to its low weight and high insulating properties.

Sleeping bag

Where a conventional blanket is normally used, it may be heavier and less insulating than a sleeping bag, and raising the head in sleep will leave the sleeper exposed to cold draughts. In addition, sleeping bags are much cheaper than bivouac bags, they are easier to use, easy to store and easier to carry around by themselves.

at night

In cold weather where temperatures drop significantly at night, it is better to use two blankets instead of one. That way the individual can wrap the other blanket around their legs and the head for extra warmth or simply place the two blankets side-by-side for additional warmth inside their tent.

Sleeping Mat

Some tents include double cabins and dormitory bunk beds, which increase the capacity for overnight guests by a significant number compared with traditional tents. When using the double blanket method, it is recommended to use a waterproof outer covering, such as a pillow case, instead of placing a sleeping bag directly on the ground .A sleeping mat is a floor cover used by hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts for sleeping in cold and/or wet conditions. 

Good Insulation

A hammock is a device which consists of a sling made out of fabric attached to a tree by one end and used for slumbering or napping. The sling part is hung between two anchor points higher than the head so that when one hangs in it in the manner described above, the body sways between them but the head remains close to the ground; therefore, it provides good insulation.


Obviously, we’ve come a long way from the ancient times when humans used the natural shelters of trees and rocks, and the first tents were made by fitting stones together. Since then, there have been new innovations in the design of tents to cater to everyone’s needs: children to adults.