What is Camping

Portrait of smiling family of four relaxing in tent on a camping holiday.

Camping is a type of outdoor recreation.

RV camping

Camping usually involves sleeping or staying in a camp, which can be just about anywhere. A camp can be a tent, houseboat, motorhome, yurt or any place where people live and sleep outdoors hytte kristiansand. Sometimes the campers will stay for one night out of curiosity and some will stay for days or weeks for adventure. There are different types of camping: car camping, backpacking, canoe camping and RV camping.

Hunter – someone who kills wild animals for food or sport. Fishing: Fisherman – someone who catches and sells (or keeps) fish.


Hiking: Camper – someone who stays in a campground for a few days; Neoprene Camper – someone who lives in a camper van; Swag Camper – someone who lives in a tent; Tarp Van/Camper – someone who lives in a van with camping equipment inside or outside.


Open Water Swimming: Kayaker – someone who rides a kayak; Canoeist – someone who travels in a canoe. Skiing: Skier or Snowboarder – someone who rides on skis or snowboard, this could be called Camping on snow. It is a very easy way to camp and one of the most common types of camping.


Mining: Miners on an expedition to search for coal or other minerals. Hiking: Hiker – someone who goes hiking. Car camping is a type of camping in which people live and sleep inside their own cars during their stay outside. if you want or go exploring on foot if you enjoy that kind of thing.

vehicles to

There are people who use their 4x4 vehicles to camp, but most of the time people use a larger vehicle for camping. Car Camping allows for plenty of space and the freedom to go where you want. In the morning, you can park your vehicle close to your destination where you will stay


Backpacking is a type of camping in which you carry everything that you need for your trip on your back. You will find many backpackers in the mountains with just a tent and sleeping bag. Some people like to take more than one bag with them so they have a place to put everything they need during their stay outside check overnatting dyreparken. At night when it is dark, your vehicle becomes a cozy home away from home with minimal fuss and no maintenance required.


Canoeing is a type of camping in which people travel by canoe. Some people like to just paddle around the lake or river, but for many people, canoe camping is their favorite type of camping because it allows for isolation from other people and animals. When you use this method of camping, you must have a canoe that can hold everything you will need during your trip on the water. Camping details Wikipedia

Outdoor Recreation

Camping is a type of outdoor recreation. There are different types of camping. You can camp in your car, you can backpack, you can canoe and camp on the river or lake. Different people have different preferences and many people like backpacking.